The Handmade Pottery shopping mall ‘Cone9’
Contains the hot story from the kiln.
A clump of soil
changes into beautiful shape by the artist
When it touches blazing fire it harden the pottery.
Well-created and well-dried pottery
Seated carefully in the kiln
Since then, the pottery leave the world of human’s hand and move into the world of kiln.
The hardness and sparkling of the pottery arises.
That is the moment of the magic.
To check the moment of the accurate temperature,
Artists put the corn-shaped tool in the kiln.
Cone no.9 bent in 1300 degrees celsius to finish the white porcelain.
The pottery in the kiln come closer to completion.
Pottery Shopping mall Cone9 is the name that contains the exact moment the pottery in the kiln reaches the pinnacle of perfection.
The hot story from the kiln.
Pottery Shopping Mall, Cone9.


Seongil Hong makes pottery in his studio near the Boseong Green Tea plantations which has given him a unique perspective on changes in tea culture.
As this culture continues to change Seongil will continue to change with it as he pursues a balance of traditional Korean art and functionality.
Seongil focuses his energy on creating tea ware that is both practical and uniquely beautiful; modern, but steeped in tradition.
He strives to continue pushing the boundaries of his abilities of a potter and an artist.


Potter Hyejin Lee prefers the country life and this is reflected in her work.
She looks to nature to help her create pottery that is designed around concise lines and colors. The result is handmade work that is simple, yet undeniably beautiful.
Working from home, Hyejin understands the importance of practicality and seeks to create art that adds elegance and style to everyday life.

About local..

The southern town where spring comes first.
The beautiful Boseong is the place where green tea field unfolded.
Our pottery workshop is located in the town of green tea, Boseong.
We keep the unique beauty of Korea
And we will make a practical tea culture.


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